Bautista’s experience in London


I have always felt great admiration for Europe, I certainly looked forward to going there one day. This year I had the BIG chance of taking the leap thanks to the ESU. Not only did I get to travel to Europe but I got to land in London, one of the capitals of the world and for sure the capital of Europe. What is more, this trip was no ordinary trip. I went there to represent my country, doing one of the things that I love doing the most that is speaking in public. I didn’t win the competition but FOR SURE I won the respect and affection of 54 excellent public speakers of 51 different countries. And obviously I did my very best.


I arrived in London at 6 am in the morning; I was excited and very happy. The first day we had some free time so we visited different places. In my case, I went to the Imperial War Museum and it was awesome. I was astonished by the city, I found it exciting and the people very friendly. After an outstanding day the ESU event started. I attended the welcome meeting in the Tudor Room of the Imperial hotel. There I met mi roommate “Martin Samson” who was not only an incredible person but also a world finalist of the competition. At the opening meeting we were thrilled, we all wanted to speak with each other. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity of meeting so many people from different parts of the world, just amazing. After the meeting we all went for dinner together where we could introduce ourselves.


We woke up and had breakfast; at this moment I realized where I was. It was awesome because I was having breakfast with a boy from Pakistan; my roommate from Denmark; a girl from Thailand and a girl from Canada. The amazing thing was to talk and exchange ideas with other cultures, something I had not been able to anticipate. Then we went to the Dartmouth house, the headquarters of ESU. It’s a magnificent house where we had workshops with the best speakers in the world. What we learnt there was incredible and absolutely relevant for the competition. At night we went to the “Queens Ice and Bowl” (there I DIDN’T represent my country well, I was the worst player in my group and we can also say that I was the worst bowling player of all the groups there…)


This day was excursions’ day and after two typically cloudy and foggy days, there were sunny patches. We went to Westminster for a tour of the Houses of Parliament. We had a guided tour in Westminster. It was incredible. There we saw incredible rooms and historical pieces. It was all so big and so amazing that it was almost a shame to even blink for a second. After that we went on a bus tour in the traditional red London buses. There we saw the most significant places of London. It was really cool. At lunch time we went to the London eye and we ate sandwiches there. At 2 we went to the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. We did performance workshops with very good actors from the theatre. This was the activity I enjoyed the most, it felt like being back in Elizabethan times. Then we went to Pizza Express and after that we had some free time. I went to Oxford Street to have a walk and to do some shopping with my Lebanese friend Tarek Kattouf.

LONDON, DAY 4 (Competition day 1)

The first big day had finally arrived. We went to the Dartmouth House for the Public Speaking heats. I was the first speaker of the first heat. I had the difficult task of breaking the ice. I was relaxed and I really enjoyed doing my speech. It is not easy to be the ice breaker but I felt really comfortable. We would not be told the names of those in the semifinals until the following morning. We had lunch at Kensington Palace and there we had a highly informing session followed by a debate session. We had dinner in Planet Hollywood and after that we went to the theater to see Shrek, the musical. It was the most incredible musical I have ever seen.

LONDON, DAY 5 (Competition day 2)

I didn’t feel happy when I woke up on this last day because I knew that my unforgettable days in London were coming to an end. We went to the semifinals at Dartmouth house. After that I went to the Argentinian embassy to have lunch with the ambassador Alicia Castro. She gave us a warm welcome to the Embassy and we enjoyed a very good lunch. Then I was driven to the HSBC building at Canary Wharf to see the finals. Marina Hsien Wei Tan from Malaysia won the competition. In the evening we went to Dartmouth house again for the Final Reception. I was the first one leaving the Dartmouth house because my plane was leaving that very night. As I bade everybody there farewell I realised that I was not saying goodbye to 54 competitors I was saying goodbye to 54 new friends. My days in London are already among my fondest memories both in my head & my heart.

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