Tedx Joven Río de la Plata

Un grupo de alumnas que participan del «Public Speaking Workshop» asistieron a Tedx joven Río de la Plata, un evento que reunió 1200 chicos de 16 a 21 años  con el objetivo de generar nuevos espacios para difundir ideas y enriquecernos como personas y como sociedad. www.tedxriodelaplata.org

Les adjuntamos una crónica escrita por las alumnas de 4º año: Mora Breyaui, Cecilia Brugo y Victoria Serra Cambaceres

On May 7th, 2011 TEDxJoven RÍo de la Plata took place in the Konex. There, different speakers such as Graciela Piñeiro, Adrián Paenza and Luciano Mellera, who prepared speeches for people between 16 and 21 years old, about a topic that they were specialized in.

From the part of the event that we attended, our favourite speech was the one given by Juan Pablo Varsky, a really well-known sports journalist, which was called “Último momento: el periodismo tiene otras primicias” and was about the possibilities we have nowadays, comparing the means of communication that existed 20 years ago and in the present time. Moreover, he also spoke about how we have to make an effort to achieve what we want, and not what the others expect from us. While talking about this, he used a phrase which captivated our attention: “the search of the excellence is not an order; it’s a destiny that depends on all of you”.

We’ve chosen this speech because we think it was inspiring and Varsky turned out to be a good speaker since he used different tools to express himself, such as speaking about his personal experiences, which helped us to feel identified with the topic and to realize that he is just like us. In addition, he counted with technological support, that gave a visual aid to understand the speech better. Last but not least, he exemplified his point of view with situations that we could relate to nowadays.

La educación es un acto de fe

Fe de los docentes, en que una buena clase es la posibilidad de un buen camino para el futuro de sus alumnos. Fe de los padres, cuando eligen nuestro proyecto educativo para sus hijos (el proyecto más importante de sus vidas). Fe de los alumnos, que al dar cada día el "presente" nos están dando su palabra. Fe en Dios que nos guía y sostiene. Docentes, alumnos, directivos y padres, creemos en Las Cumbres. Y como comunidad educativa sabemos que para la construcción de un país sólido, la educación es la puerta grande. Estos son nuestros Principios y Objetivos.