Public Speaking Competition 2009

El lunes 20 de abril, Las Cumbres participó en el Public Speaking Competition organizada por el English Speaking Union (ESU) que congrega a los colegios bilingües más importantes de nuestro país. El tema de este año fue Regeneration & Renewal.

Como ya es tradición en Las Cumbres, los alumnos de Senior V que habían participado del Taller de Oratoria que ofrece el Colegio, tuvieron la oportunidad de presentarse a la competencia de Public Speaking interna.

Las participantes de la competencia interna fueron María Salaverri y Florencia Leskovar. Ambas presentaron discursos sobre temas actuales y controversiales, y en ambas se notó un gran trabajo de investigación.

Florencia Leskovar fue elegida para representar al Colegio en la ESU Public Speaking Competition. Su desempeño fue excelente, expuso su discurso con seguridad y pasión. Nos enorgullece que Florencia haya representado al Colegio mostrando que el trabajo y la constancia son herramientas para llegar más lejos, más alto.

¡Felicitaciones Flopi!

A continuación les adjuntamos el discurso de Florencia Leskovar.

Yours to make sense

Modern man has the means to live but often no meaning to live for.

Among all the feelings and sensations THAT EXIST, all human beings share; a particular one; the fear of loneliness.

We are constantly trying to attach ourselves to someone or something, to survive, or to give us, and design for us, the meaning of our lives.

But there’s an undeniable fact; we are alone, and without excuses.

And BEING ALONE, is what gives us absolute freedom.

And… aha..! When we do understand that we are really free; that is when we feel TERRIFIED.

Firstly because just by being human we are fully responsible for ourselves.

And secondly; because we have to deal with the hard task of choosing; because our existence is a constant series of choices; we are free to choose but we are also forced to do so. Sartre put it concisely: «Man is condemned to be free»

The challenge now is to embrace this freedom and shape a life project with it.


We have to accept the PRESENT frivolous society in which we have to live. This may help us to find a meaning, or may not, and confuse us, and make us feel nothing but emptiness and pain because of the heavy judgement of our peers.

Living in this society is a real challange, and we can hardly pass through it without being hurt. We have labels, which define us, and that is something that really scares us. Call it punk, emo, flogger, cheto, dark, hippie or rastafari, there always seems to be a label to refer to that one who is different.

Judging is as natural as breathing.

It’s sad how, when we actually start thinking about our lives, we realize, that there were SO many times when we denied ourselves our feelings and we hid our thoughts. We found ourselves lost between our contradictions and our refusals, we WERE simply torn between what we thought, and what we wanted to think, what we felt, and what we wanted to feel. There are SO many people that try SO hard, just to be normal.

Obstacles in life are infinite. We cannot expect perfect happiness. We have to see happiness as a process, not a consequence.

We have to be able to be happy with those little objectives that we reach day by day, one small step at a time. Heading somewhere always will give us direction, and this direction will be our meaning to live, our meaning to keep fighting IN SPITE OF ADVERSITY.

Because; being unhappy; is easy.

Being IN DENIAL to fight; is easy.

Because it means surrender.

The real challenge is to defeat this adversity, to defeat all those sufferings, all those enemies that undermine us with the purpose of paralysing us. Defeating them in our own way, defeating them doesn’t necessarily mean forgeting them; defeat would just mean being able to live with them. Because; just by trying to survive, just by showing that we are moving, we are becoming better than our enemies. We are becoming STRONGER than our enemies. Like Sisifus did, pushing a rock up and down a mountain for all eternity.

In other words, complications may be unbearable, and to some extent may make us feel there is no meaning to our lives…


Perfect life, doesn’t exist.

Absolute happiness, doesn’t exist.


A universal meaning to live? It doesn’t exist either.

But our freedom, born from our solitude; DOES exist.

This freedom will force us to choose the actions which create and define us. And these actions, will make us find our direction and build or at least renew the project of our lives, and that would be our meaning to live.

Sartre said: «Life is nothing until it is lived, but it is yours to make sense of; the value of life is nothing other than the sense you choose.»


La educación es un acto de fe

Fe de los docentes, en que una buena clase es la posibilidad de un buen camino para el futuro de sus alumnos. Fe de los padres, cuando eligen nuestro proyecto educativo para sus hijos (el proyecto más importante de sus vidas). Fe de los alumnos, que al dar cada día el "presente" nos están dando su palabra. Fe en Dios que nos guía y sostiene. Docentes, alumnos, directivos y padres, creemos en Las Cumbres. Y como comunidad educativa sabemos que para la construcción de un país sólido, la educación es la puerta grande. Estos son nuestros Principios y Objetivos.