Gonzalo Cervetto en la Public Speaking Competition de ESU

El Miércoles 16 de Abril en la Embajada Británica se realizó la Public Speaking Competition que organiza la ESU. Queremos compartir con todos ustedes el orgullo y la alegría que sentimos porque Gonzalo Cervetto, alumno de quinto año, obtuvo el tercer premio representando a Las Cumbres entre otros veinticuatro alumnos de prestigiosos colegios.
Destacamos el esfuerzo y las ganas que puso desde que comenzó a asistir al taller que brindamos, como así también el trabajo en equipo. Son muchas las habilidades que se tienen en cuenta a la hora de elegir a los finalistas. Desde ya que todos tienen un muy buen inglés pero destacan principalmente su oratoria , el contenido de su discurso y su habilidad para defenderlo.
Felicitaciones Gonzalo!! Esperamos que al ver tu experiencia muchos de sus nuestros alumnos sigan tu ejemplo.


Les adjuntamos el discurso de Gonzalo:

Nip Tuck

Making sure you look good for the summer with liposuction- 2000 dollars. Giving your daughter her most wished birthday present: nose reshapement- 3000 dollars. Making both your and your wife`s dream of wearing that hot red bikini come true with breast surgery: 4000 dollars.

Looking perfect in an imperfect world: priceless.

We live in a modern world where looks matter; in a world where very often, people care more about what a person is like in the outside than in the inside. We try to dress and live up to people’s expectations. It is now easy to look the way everybody else looks, you just need a couple of nip and tucks here and there and voila… you are “perfect”.

What is perfect? What does it mean to imitate perfection? What is the cost of looking perfect?

Plastic surgery is the tool people use to try to look “perfect”, by imitating those models who seem to have a flawless life; those who represent success, happiness and achievements.

Not only are we living in a world where people are imitating themselves, but countries are doing the same.

My friends and I order Chinese take out and have fun reading the weird menus or we have a big Mac combo at McDonalds. Burn Notice and C.S.I Miami keep me awake after dinner and for me movies would not exist without Hollywood. Isn’t it awesome that no matter how exotic the destination is, one can always get a Coke?

The ultimate example, is that I am in the British embassy trying to give a speech in English.

Cultures begin to merge with other cultures, in an attempt to reach perfection. During this merge, that which made a country unique is nipped and tucked; basically lost.

The latest Mac Donald’s spot that opened in my neighbourhood replaced an old typical Argentine cuisine restaurant. While you can choose from 20 different cinema places to watch 10,000 bc, there are just three places where to see Lluvia.

So is the cost worth the results? Are we really only happy if we look like or live like others? A country’s essence is lost in the attempt to imitate another country with a better economic status, where people lead apparent perfect lives. We humans seem to be anxious about embracing a model that worked in another country. This happens especially in countries like ours where we have been trying for so long to strike the right key to success.

Isn’t that what people are doing when it comes to plastic surgery? Losing that thing that makes them unique?

Now, I am not saying that surgery is evil and that it’ s harmful in every sense. There are many cases where plastic surgeries have helped those who where in accidents.

Take for example Isabelle Dinoire from France who received a face transplant after being mauled by her dog. She was able to have a smile again thanks to plastic surgery.

People are globalizing themselves in order to look like others and it is their attempt to happiness or at least to a better life.

Similarly, Globalization has also had positive effects. I’ve lived abroad for most of my life and I remember how nice it was to be able to speak to my family and friends in Argentina. Back here, it is great to have the opportunity of speaking to those foreigners who where once my classmates, neighbors and now are still my friends. Besides, it’s undeniable that getting a taste of Peruvian food two blocks away from home opens up our minds without getting on a plane.

However we shouldn’t be tempted into letting globalization change our whole image. There are those who say that it doesn’t matter if your image is changed, because your identity remains intact. I disagree with this, because your image, is how the world sees you, it is how they criticize you; it is how they identify you. Your image should reflect your identity, not the identity of someone else. Besides after a while your image shall end up becoming part of your identity as well.

So is globalization good or bad? Well when it comes to this, I believe that this isn’t a white and black argument; we should go for a shade of gray.

In conclusion, one must never lose ones identity and become someone else, but take the things of other cultures and societies, and combine them with your own unique habits; so that those foreign imitations are merely the spices of your country.

Because remember, making yourself look perfect in front of the world may be priceless, but you would end up giving up your identity.

There are things in the world which we should just let be the way they are and so the beauty in them shall remain. Just like the poet Chizom Okpara said, “beauty is sleek smooth skin; true beauty is deep within”

What will happen when we are all perfect? Ill tell you, beauty will exist no more because true beauty is rare and unique, it is the rose that stands out in the garden of jasmines.

Buying the big mac combo at Mcdonalds: 16 pesos

A new iphone: 400 dollars

Learning how the Harry Potter series ends: 33 dollars

Sunday pasta at grandma´s house: priceless

There are things money can´t buy, for everything else you got globalization

La educación es un acto de fe

Fe de los docentes, en que una buena clase es la posibilidad de un buen camino para el futuro de sus alumnos. Fe de los padres, cuando eligen nuestro proyecto educativo para sus hijos (el proyecto más importante de sus vidas). Fe de los alumnos, que al dar cada día el "presente" nos están dando su palabra. Fe en Dios que nos guía y sostiene. Docentes, alumnos, directivos y padres, creemos en Las Cumbres. Y como comunidad educativa sabemos que para la construcción de un país sólido, la educación es la puerta grande. Estos son nuestros Principios y Objetivos.